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Rental Yard Financing

Solutions Tailored to the Rental Yard Industry

At American Leasing & Financial, we love to finance rental yard equipment. Working with rental yards makes sense for us because of the high level of maintenance on their stock of equipment, the unique specialization in used equipment, and the ability to convert rentals into purchases. Whether you’re a customer seeking financing for your existing rental or new purchase from a rental yard or you’re a sales representative looking to offer the best in financing options for your customer, we have the solutions to accommodate your needs.

How We Help the Vendor

  • Prompt service featuring a dedicated rep for your sales team
  • Quotes delivered by phone at your convenience
  • Prepared leasing proposals offered for corporate customers
  • No age or equipment type restrictions
How to Get Started

  • Download an Application
  • Read about Our Preferred Vendor Program
  • Request a Quote
How We Help the Customer

  • Wide credit window, with the best rates available
  • In-house funding in Western States
  • Same day approvals, same week fundings
  • Application only up to $75,000
  • Programs for all 50 States
  • Flexible terms and structures
  • Corporate-only transactions for qualified buyers